"Wildlife and it’s habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will !”

Theodore Roosevelt

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Thomas J. Fleetwood

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Thomas was born in 1963 and studied and qualified as a horticulturist.

His dedication to nature conservation started through his career in the South African defense force were he qualified in various specialized courses.

He left as a part-time member and officer in 2004 in the rank of Major.

He joined the North West Parks in 1998 as an honorary officer in the counter-poaching unit.

Today he is listed on their records as a specialist service provider and is being used from time to time for specialist training and duties.

His experience in small team tactics, intelligence, survival, tracking and anti-poaching operations contributed to the writing of an outstanding training manual for people dedicated to the protection of our wildlife heritage.

Gerhard D. Adam

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Gerhard was born in 1957.He joined the South African defence force permanently in 1976 and served with the well known 31 Battalion.

In 1981 he was selected to join the Special Forces.

Gerhard qualified in various specialised courses and operations,especially reconnaissance.

His experience of 23 years as an operator contributed immensely to developing the training manual in conjuntion with Tom Fleetwood.

He served in the SANDF for 29 years.

Gerhard left the South African defence force in the rank of Sergeant Major.

His dedication to nature conservation was sparked during the time he was responsible for wildlife in the Modimbo corridor, Schiettocht and Shiela military training areas.

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