"Wildlife and it’s habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will !”

Theodore Roosevelt


  • 6 Weeks in 14 day cycles for Nature Reserves as well as private owners: R 25 000.00
  • 14 day Course: R450/ per day x 14 days
  • Survival as team building: R450/ day
  • Webbing Camouflage (Con-Tac Jungle) Codura 100d
  • Webbing Olive Drab (rip stop | waterproof)
  • Chest Webbing Camouflage (Con-Tac Savannah) Cordura 1000d
  • Chest Olive Drab (rip stop | waterproof)
  • Back Pack Olive Drab and Frame
  • Back Pack Camouflage (Con-Tac Jungle) Cordura 100d
  • Back Pack Camouflage (Con-Tac Savannah) Cordura 100d
  • Specialized security work on Quotation.

Advanced Course: Counter poaching training for game rangers:
FGASA accredited / Free training manual

Course Breakdown and Cost

Advance counter poaching course | Theory self study before course | 2 weeks prior to full time training
Module 1 Equipment for game rangers
Module 2 Survival
Module 3 Navigation
Module 4 Tracking
Module 5 Organization of Game Rangers using small tactics
Module 6 Patrols
Module 7 Hides
Module 8 Rendezvous
Module 9 Caches
Module 10 Battle craft
Module 11 Scouting of parks and game farms
Module 12 Calculations and formulas
Module 13 Infiltration of poached targets
Module 14 Joint operations
Module 15 Intelligence
Module 16 Observation and optical equipment
Module 17 Camouflage and concealment
Module 18 Kayak Co- operations
Module 19 Helicopter Co- operations
Combined practical training in a game reserve: 36 days

The complete advanced training course for game rangers can also be broken down in phases:

  • Phase 1 - 7 days Cost R3500 pp
  • Phase 2 - 14 days Cost R7500 pp
  • Phase 3 - 14 days Cost R7500 pp
  • Phase 4 - 7 days Cost R7500 pp


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