"Wildlife and it’s habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will !”

Theodore Roosevelt

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The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) provides educational opportunities to promote the conservation and rehabilitation of the cultural and natural heritage of Southern Africa. To this end FGASA maintains and serves a professional association of highly-trained nature guides, tour operators and hospitality institutions who share the vision and are committed to the FGASA Code of Conduct and Responsible Tourism Guidelines.

FGASA aims to promote a culture of professional guiding based on a strong ethical well-informed, safety conscious approach that provides the visitor to Southern Africa with a pleasant and memorable experience.


CON-TAC "Proud suppliers of SWPA camo uniforms"

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Con-Tac Apparel and Gear manufacture a range of tactical, hunting and combat clothing and gear, all of which are manufactured locally. The camo has been field-tested by the industry leaders, including members of some of the prestigious Special Forces units. It is designed with ultimate comfort in mind. The Con-Tac combat range is very technical and provides for tactical applications without compromising comfort and function.

On both the Hunter and Combat ranges a 65/35 poly cotton fabric is used (same as the old SADF “browns”) for its high abrasive resistance, wicking and quick-dry abilities. These characteristics together with the wash-and-wear ability makes it well suited for the harsh elements of the African continent.

Today there are many camouflage patterns; 3D, blotchy, spotted, striped, as well as an array of color combinations to go with these. Con-Tac identified the need for locally developed camouflage to suit our unique and varied environment, while catering for different operational situations. In the light of this it was decided to do both a Savannah pattern (for winter grassland and arid landscapes) as well as a Jungle pattern (for summer veldt and tree-rich areas). Our camouflage patterns consist of versatile fine detail for close-quarter camouflage as well as larger patterns providing better camouflage over longer distances. The camouflage patterns have also been tested for NIR (Near Infra Red) for concealment from night vision devices.


Bushveld Training Adventures

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Bushveld Training Adventures, a nationally recognized academic institution in the field of nature studies, offers a comprehensive range of professional field guiding and environmentalist courses. Whether it is a career in field guiding in order to obtain the FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) and national qualifications, or a wonderful learning experience, the opportunity to make great friends, are all great reasons to enrol in a BTA guide or environmentalist course.

The courses are a fantastic experience. Not only do they comprise lectures with highly qualified instructors, but also field outings where the classroom is the open bush and textbooks turn into life animals, plants, rocks, clouds and the whole universe. Each one of these challenges you with questions: Who am I, how did I get here, why am I here, what threatens my existence? Each one of them becomes a testimony to the story of the evolutionary processes of our planet. The evenings by the campfire shared with kindred spirits are the memories that embroider the fabric of our lives… and the mornings hold the promise of a new adventure.


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